Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My 5 year old son shows off his creative side.

 I always have art materials out around the house, and although my little boy who has just turned 5 normally leaves me to it when I am working, he does like to have a go when I am done, often using up left over paint etc that I have squirted out but not used. The other week he decided he was going to create some roller printed pictures using a brayer and some blobs of acrylic. Here he is at work.......

We left them to dry and then I asked him what he was going to do with them??????? I had just been creating some new dog pics and had some reference photos out on the top. Dogs and puppies he said. So here are my gorgeous sons finished pieces. Some I have had reproduced as prints for sale on etsy as I love them so much. 

He used carbon paper to trace the image, he did this all on his own, I then cut it out for him and we laid them on top of his other rollered pictures to scan. Some I added a computer generated flat colour background but I love the multi-coloured images that are all his own work. I am giving him some wall space at my next exhibition, we will have to decide which pieces will be finally stuck to their backgrounds then. More to come I hope.........xxx



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