Monday, 12 September 2011

More Fingerprint Guest Book designs

Steiff elephant with balloons
I started making the fingerprint guest book tree as a wedding gift to my cousin-in-law, she loved it and has been recommending the idea to friends. So now I have created some new designs that can be used by young and old, for different occasions. Weddings, christenings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversary, baptism etc. I am continuing to expand my range of ideas, all guest books come with inks, instruction card and archival pen.
Steiff monkey with balloons
All the guest books are originals, hand painted in watercolour and inks, with custom name, dates, colours and choice of ink colours. These are all unique creations and very individual. Size is based on anticipated guest numbers.

Bear on bike: create balloons with guest fingerprints
floating elephant create fingerprint balloons.

Steiff bear on wheels with balloons
Baby Carriage Pram with Balloons
Fingerprint guest book tree

It is so nice to be able to frame the guest book after the party and hang where you will see it every day, unlike most guest books that get thrown into a draw or attic, this art piece will be a talking point every time someone sees it.

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