Sunday, 17 July 2011

Jewellery Presentation boxes, upcycled-recycled.

I wanted to create some presentation boxes for the jewellery I have been making, but wanted things that would show off my work and to be interesting objects as well. As I was driving down the very bumpy track from my house I passed the garden waste pile of my neighbours house (we never see him just the pool and grounds man) I have heard many rumors on who he is (mafia) (millionaire) (weirdo) probably all, it has a sense of mystery about it all, Anyway digressing there, there was a shabby wooden wine box thrown on top off the garden waste pile to be burnt, a little worse for wear but oh so ideal. Scrambling onto the top of the mound I took it home. My husband replaced the base wood and I stained it. We then drilled holes and added some metal kebab skewers and corks create an unusual pendant hanging display box.
 I also had a cigar box we had picked up in New York and I decided this would make a good display case for the rectangular pendants, Adding open eye hooks and some bamboo kebab skewers in the back of the box to stop the pendants swinging back when I stood it on a display stand, I think it works. I also added eyelet screws on the box lid to hang a pendant with ribbon attached.

 Finally I needed a ring and brooch display case, and had seen on the internet examples of how to make one using a frame box, foam pipe lagging and material. I borrowed a sectional frame box from mum, and cut up pipe lagging to fit into the sections. I then chopped up some old denim jeans and covered the pipe lagging, pushing it hard between the lagging. I will eventually glue it, as I was short of 3 inch of lagging and had to use some cardboard tubing, I will glue when I get another off-cut and when mum forgets about me borrowing the box!


  1. Bianca, You are so creative! I love these displays! I am back from Canada but unfortunatly will not be able to do the Alfaix market for a couple more weeks as my leg developed Thrombosis and I have to have it up for a couple of weeks.... no moving.... this is difficult! Please say hello to Kay for me and the other stall holders. Can you let her know? xo Jen (soap lady)

  2. Oh no, Besos, besos, Hope you take it easy and rest!!!!! Of course I will let the others know. Take Care. Bianca.