Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Visit to the Uk....and fingerprint guestbooks

I finally relented and went back to the UK for 5 nights this month, I like seeing my family and friends but this time it was only family. My husbands cousin was getting married, and we were invited. So off we all went, even my 4 year old was booted and suited. I bought my Fascinator ( I hate that name by the way, reminds me of something you would buy from Ann Summers) from a hat maker named Clare Lambton, I always try to buy from fellow artists as I prefer original one of kind pieces. It was money well spent, excellent value and stayed on my head puuurrrfectly. I however didn't seem to get a clear picture of it on my head so use your imagination.  The wedding was at Temple Newsam Leeds, and the followed at the Loft in Leeds, it was a great day, with great attention to detail, fantastic food, bespoke fabulous wedding dress, and entertainment.......drag queens, who put on a really good show.
Being a struggling artist and all, money is a wee bit scarce sometimes, so I decided to make the wedding present as a more personal touch. I had seen how popular the wedding guest fingerprint trees were in the U.S.A and how they were featured in a lot of bridal magazines, and decided although not my original idea...I could certainly paint one better than most that were for sale and no-body seemed to have seen them in UK. So here is my bare tree ready to be fingerprinted and signed on by all the wedding guests. The idea is you create a personal piece of artwork that includes the fingerprint in ink and the name of all you guests creating leaves on the tree. Then you can hang it on your wall, rather than a guest book that may never come out of the drawer.

It was a surprise, so I was hoping that the bride and groom would like the idea, that the guests would go along with it, and it would be a novel idea for  most........thank god it was a great success and I have just created another for a friend of the bride and groom who is getting married this weekend.

The tree had over 150 prints on it so looked pretty full, sorry about the colours here, no amount of tweaking seems to help.

I have started to put together a range of guestbook art I am creating and will show them off next week hopefully. My Macbook is having a few bowel issues!!!!! and needs a good clean out, hopefully everything is now backed up so will be up and running again shortly.

I have been creating loads of jewellery with my art work in the settings, here are a few more examples. I really like the mahogany settings that I turned into rings.

The mahogany settings are lovely and  handmade by Brighcolorart who are on etsy.

                     They are not laser cut and have a beautiful finish to them, lightweight and smooth. The bands are adjustable. I have finished them like my other jewellery with a glass cabochon.

I have been trying to add a range of styles of my work in the jewellery including some more colourful pieces.


The main problem I am having is stopping myself using all the jewellrey stock up!!!! I have to limit what images I use, I have so many I could keep making all day. 

I also have done a few new pieces of art work, but I must do some more, so many ideas...

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