Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Creative other passion!!!!

I like to try and create a themed party for my little horror every year, his 3rd birthday was disneys cars, 4th birthday was toy story, and 5th party was pirate themed.

 I hate the cakes here in Spain, chemical tasting cream and chocolate and sheet style only  And with a generic decoration on top. So here are my past years creations.

 I always stick to a good quality chocolate in my cake and in the butter icing, and use rolled fondant to decorate. I hand paint the cakes as well as adding colour to the fondant to give it another dimension. 

The main problem I have found over here is the hates my icing and hates my butter-cream and hates my cake, so the cake is made the day before and cling wrapped multiple times after it has completely cooled, the decorations are made the day before, cling wrapped to keep them pliable and kept in an air-conditioned room, yes air con for a cake, once butter iced I have to keep putting it back into the cold room to keep it from sliding. Even with skewers and supports after a few hours of handling and heat often pushing 40℃ at the start of September, things start to slide, icing grows and sags and butter cream can split. But I think I have got it all sussed out now.

Cars the movie Cake, triple layer triple choc, when I paint the icing I treat it like a water colour painting the only white you have is the icing so, highlights have to be left and colour washed at the end. To stop the icing going sticky and sloppy, I use vodka to thin the gel food coloring as this dries quicker and doesn't ruin the icing, literally less than a teaspoon for the whole cakes icing, not enough to get the kids drunk!!!!!!!!!.
Checkerboard sides
This had 4 layers of buttercream and five layers of cake.

Toy story Cake (using plastic figures, I know I know could have made them but give me a break)
Halloween eyeball cupcakes!!!!! and monsters
Had a little halloween party and made these gruesome cupcakes.

Tasted great, the Spanish kids were horrified and thought I was weird for getting dressed up!!!!!!!!!!

Popcorn monster hands (good for trick or treaters)

5th Birthday pirate theme party cake, this took some planning to stop the lid sliding, some support skewers were used at the back and covered by the hinges.

Pirate Party Treasure chest cake

Back view Pirate Treasure chest cake.

And because I have a savoury tooth, here are my secret sticky sauce bbq ribs, they taste bloody delicious marinated for 12 hours plus, and are always cooked to perfection by the bbq king himself my other half (pats him on back). Hmmmmm could eat them right now.

Want the recipe........tough its mine all mine.

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