Saturday, 7 May 2011

New work.....

I am trying to create at least 2 pieces a week at the moment, and trying to use a range of media. I have ordered some jewellery components to create pendants featuring my art, so look out for those coming soon.

I am excited at the thought of new dimensions to my work, but hope I can master the glues and resins etc, I can be a real fumble fingers sometimes if I don't have my head on the right way.

I have added a watercolour and ink study of the Galgo I did in oils, this time with a blue collar and background........30% of the proceeds from a sale I would like to donate to   they are a rescue group for the Spanish Galgo and other animals in Spain and do a fantastic job in helping and re-homing dogs.

So here are a few of my recent pieces of work as you can see, I have been focussing on a wide range of subject matter and media, just trying to keep my hand in, so to speak and keep pushing my portfolio.

The Kimrick, Mojacar Playa are holding a charity auction of art-work for Paws-Patas animal Charity, and I have yet to decide which piece to donate but will post as soon as a decision is made. Money is scarce for everyone and this charity is really feeling the pinch, I can't donate money but a piece of work is no problem.

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