Sunday, 3 April 2011

The show is over..... for now.

 Friday 1st April was my show at the El Retiro gallery, Turre, Spain, the weather had heated up and there seemed to be a lot less people in the market near the gallery, but I still had a fair few visitors to see my work. It was good to meet new people and fellow artists and still think it would be great to do an open evening get together, as a chance to meet more people with an interest in the art scene. I will suggest it again for my next show there Friday 16th December 2011.

El Retiro Gallery, Turre.
My show.

Pickle: The Paws-Patas raffle prize.
As previously mentioned, I was trying to choose a piece to donate as a raffle prize to Paws-Patas animal shelter. I chose, (or should I say my dad chose) Pickle a little terrier. We sold 53 euros worth of raffle tickets and Mrs Willis Ticket number 8, seemed really happy to have won this little dog, I think he is going to a good home.

2 other pieces have also been re-homed, Daisy the Great Dane puppy and the Galgo Oil painting, the latter of which couldn't have gone to a better home. Ursula a German friend of my parents has taken him in.

Galgo Oil Painting.
Daisy the Great Dane puppy.

Ursula and her family do an incredible- selfless act every year. She takes in puppies and dogs, often found within hours of coming into the world or near death in the campo surrounding Antas. She then nurses them to health with the help of friends and family and gets them ready to travel to Germany before the summer heat really kicks in. They go in a convoy of mobile-homes, vans and caravans, already she has at least 30 dogs getting ready to go!!!!!!! This is no mean feat, and my hat goes off to her and her family who never cease to amaze me with their commitment to provide what so many others just won't or cannot seem to do. These dogs will be mostly with a home waiting before they even get to Germany. She is a wonderful woman who talks to us in rapid German her arms miming her speech, don't know how but somehow she gets her point across.

The Sentinella magazine have asked if I would like to be the June featured artist and would involve a front cover and a spread in the magazine, so now I have to come up with a new piece for them with some colour. Lovely to be asked.
Donated to the El Retiro Gallery

I have to point out that my husband David went
to great lengths and many swear words to make
and up-cycle all the frames for the show,
we bought about 20 frames from carboots etc,
and he added extra framing with re-cycled palette
wood, I stained and painted them. Thank you Dave.

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