Saturday, 19 March 2011

Update on my show....

Galgo portrait nearly finished

Getting the final things ready for my one day show, just finished an oil painting of a Galgo (Spanish Greyhound), I had forgotten how nice oils are to work with, been a long time, now just hoping it will dry enough to transport it. The picture here was work in progress, before the final touches were made.

My little plum tree in bloom
The season has definitely changed in the past few days, the temperature has reached 25c for a few days now, and the blossoms are in full bloom, my little plum tree is covered in flowers at the moment. My garden is full of bees, and the dreaded wasps are back along with the weeds which shot up with last weeks rain.

I am hoping to raffle one of my art works with all proceeds going to the local charity Paws-Patas at the exhibition, they are struggling to keep the animal shelter open after funding has been cut dramatically, and donations dwindle, the dogs however keep on coming, they have managed to get enough backing to continue for another 6 months, but the future is really hanging in the balance for them, just got to decide which piece to raffle. Hmmmmmmm difficult decision to choose which picture more people will part money for.

yum yum choccy bun.
Oh and before the weather really heats up and I refuse too turn on my beast of an oven, I have been baking, my other little hobby I like, so here are the delicious chocolate buns I made after my son requested we do baking. Thing is he just likes to make them and leaves me to eat them all, and not because they taste bad, I might add! He is just a bit weird, bless his cotton socks.

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