Sunday, 15 May 2011

silent auction for paws-patas and little boxes..........

The new Kimrick in Mojacar, Spain is hosting a burlesque night 20th and 21st May 2011!! and at the same time there is a silent auction on donated art work to raise money for the local animal rescue centre Paws-Patas. I decided to donate a new piece and hope it raises a few euros for the fund. So here is the piece, with the quote "my little dog, a heartbeat at my feet." by Edith Wharton.

I spent most of my Saturday trawling the internet and printing out a dozen or so designs to make some little boxes for my jewellery that I am hoping to make in the very near future, I am useless at doing things with drawing cube maps and cutting neat lines and folding paper is my ultimate nightmare, I rely so much on eye and freehand in my day to day art, I kind of have a serious hate of the ruler. After an absolutely wasted day and balled paper mounting in the corner of the room, I decided simpler really is better for me, and although these little boxes won't stand up to the postman squishing it through a letter box, they will look nice to give as gift boxes and hand-delivered items.

I have completed 3 pieces this week based on dogs (oh what a surprise) but with quotes added into them. I am determined to get the letterpress set up in the near future, it is a new gadget to tinker with, and I want to see what can be done artistically rather than traditionally. Anyway here are the other 2.  


The earthquake in Lorca this week brought it home to me, how life can change in a heartbeat. Lorca is only 60km away from us, 9 people dead including a pregnant woman, 100's injured and more now homeless, with only what they have on their backs as possessions, I know there have been some folks locally who are trying to organise charity donations in the form of clothes, food, water, especially for children who are desperate for clothes, blankets, nappies, etc. Obviously money is needed also but I have so many baby clothes, half packets of unused nappies, that I must get a bag together to send. Tragic times for many families.

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