Sunday, 19 July 2015

A different twist…on the wedding guestbook.

To say I have had a year of change is an understatement, a constant test of perseverance, strength and patience, finding friends, leaning heavily on my supporters (thank you and sorry I still am) and learning to try not give a hoot, the latter I find hard.

So in this year of change I have sketched and noted many ideas on paper and in my head. The following is my first play on 'Til death do us part. Lots of changes can be made and ideas always welcome. 

This one leans heavily on the darker side, more suited to those who like a touch of the macabre, but sums up the words perfectly.

Many more variations still to be doodled for ideas for Alternative Wedding Guestbooks, on this one guests sign the hearts.

 til death do us part, etsy shop

This one is sized 16" x 20" and features 240 hearts approx, less obviously is a possibility but they then would be bigger.

Start of drawing.

                                   Layout done, centre detail done, inking hearts, lots of hearts!

Close up of centre detail.

                                                     Guests sign their name on hearts. 

Lots more ideas coming soon, not all weddings have to be pretty pastels, rustic, or retro, I am always looking for an alternative, something a bit different, bit like me really.

Check it out here if you fancy having one of my alternative guestbooks as part of your life:

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