Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fingerprint guest book personal touches.

Slapping my hands for not writing for a while………but I have a new puppy in the family, George (more about him later and maybe a pic :)

I sometimes get asked for little extras on the fingerprint guest books, bees, flowers, birds, owls, children and even airplanes (this was for a air traffic controllers wedding!). I like the little differences and personal touches that mean something to folks.

little bees and flowers

owls to represent family of twins and and a little girl for a baby shower tree.

owls for the wedding couple.

birds for the wedding couple matching their invites

                               Bi-plane with the wedding date banner

I haven't been asked for anything too far out yet…hmmm maybe one but will show that after their wedding so not to spoil their surprise. I am willing to draw most things although the whole dragons and fairy thing really makes me scrunch my face up :) But if asked I try my very very best to capture someones vision.

I have not done any new pieces in terms of my usual creations of dogs but have to devote some time to creating for myself again and maybe my new muse will help. Say hello to my little friend……


We think he is going to be a big dog, he is super sweet, super naughty and simply adorable. We don't know what mix he is as the father us unknown. We adopted him from some super ladies in Arboleas, their charity is who had rescued him and his 3 siblings after they had been thrown away in the campo, covered in tics. The poor mother is still with her owner, and no doubt will be pregnant again soon, The rescue have offered to pay for the dog to be spayed but the owner refuses. This is a bang you head on the wall scenario and so frustrating.

Oh go on just another 2 photos

I have forgotten how puppies choose the worst moments to leave a little present or hide your shoes. But he is too sweet to fall out over these little things.

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  1. Love the bees.... love the owls!! And the new addition to your family looks adorable!! xo Jen