Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sierra Nevada and pondering my future.

I am pushing myself to get things done that I have been putting off for another seems to take me ages to get myself into motion. One of the things we had been promising ourselves was to go to Sierra Nevada with our 4 year old son, he had never touched or walked in the snow, being born in Bermuda he has really only ever known warm weather.

So after many weeks of thinking about it we finally went, it was a great day and the look of wonderment on my sons face made it even more special. It was busy up there, but we set off early, and got parked easily in the underground car park without a problem.
Sierra Nevada Early Morning.
The scenery was fantastic and as it was early morning when we arrived it was quite a moody scene.
The sun finally came out and we all ended up with a snow tan. Good fun building snowmen, sledging and having a ride in a cable car. Well worth the trip, and we will be back hopefully before the season ends. So from 4℃ to 30℃ in the space of a day was really strange, the weather has really mixed itself up over the past 2 weeks, but Spring is definitely here and Summer is biting at its heels.

The farmers have had a mad dash picking, packing and transporting the lettuces and beans this week before the big rains, making a real mess of the track to our house, and on more than one occasion I have cringed as they have made me squeeze past their lorries narrowly avoiding the severe drop into a concrete drainage dish or the side of their wagons. Now wondering how long they will take to clear up all the packing boxes, plastic wrap that has been left to blow around in the wind.........rubbish and the lack of concern about it is one of my bug bears in Spain, seeing parents drop crisp packets etc on the floor in front of the kids, infuriates me beyond belief.

I have been busy updating my portfolio and getting things ready for my one-day show on 1st April at  El retiro gallery in Turre, my husband has been up-cycling palettes and second hand frames, and he has done a really good job creating an impressive wood frame for my prints, now just another 15 to go.............bless him.

So two new additions are a "Cats skull" and
"Dia de los Muertos Cats skull.

I really like to capture the character of the animals I draw, but sometimes I like to understand the structure and foundation  of what I am studying.

I thought it would be nice to do a triptych piece so these are the first two and the third, I was hoping to capture a skull and feint cat superimposed, in a spiritual way.........hmmmm another thing for me to ponder on.

I keep looking at jobs around the world teaching art again. I do miss the classroom buzz and creativity and the totally amusing ramblings of teenagers, but then I love my house in the campo and I like being close to family, I love that my son is learning Spanish naturally, but having a husband commuting to the UK for work, is not the life I expected when we came here. Needs must and he loves his job, just wish we could move it here, somedays it can be mind draining talking to a 4 year old all day.

So what to do...........?

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