Sunday, 6 February 2011

My first blog post..

So having bashed the keys on Facebook for a while and creating my etsy shop and cafepress shop, I decide I really must get on with the promoting of my work.

I have been living in Spain now for a few years and have been updating my portfolio, not often enough though, tut-tut-tut.

I have been obsessed with dogs for a long time now, taking my 2 old english sheepdogs half way round the world to Bermuda, The dogs flights were more than ours!!!! But we loved them to bits. We lived there for 5 years hubby and I) and it's where our little man came into the world in 2006; that's when we decided to move closer to our families in Spain and the UK. Moving to     Almeria, and setting up home.

Sadly both dogs passed away within 6 months of each other a year and a half ago, here in Spain. So the challenge was on to find us a new buddy............but ended up with adopting 2! Another Old English sheepdog "Lucas" and we think a mixed Catalan sheepdog "Yogi Bear". They are great together and with us and feel like they were always meant to be part of our family.

I started to focus my new series of monoprint work on dogs, I love the soul you can capture in their eyes, their facial expressions can be so dramatic & characterful.

Now I have a wider focus that includes cats, architecture and anatomy. I am determined to set up the letterpress I was so greatly donated by a family member and sort all the letter blocks...........I really want to use it in my art. I have been using the blocks to create text in some of my work and love the added annotation but want to learn the traditional side as well.

I have entered a local art competition at a small gallery name "el retiro" in Turre, a beautiful restored monks retreat in the back streets of the town. The competition was Valentines based,  with the theme of love, hearts, romance etc.....of course I went on the literal imagery and decided to create a piece of work based on the anatomy of the heart, mixed up with a little Edna St. Vincent Millay poetry from Huntsman, what quarry?  Theme and Variations II.

Anyway I will have to see how it competes next week, but I was kindly offered my own one day show, YIPPEEEE!

MY SHOW: April 1st 2011. El retiro Gallery, Turre, Almeria.

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