Monday, 30 January 2012

Hope 2012 gets better.......

I had the dreaded phone call on Tuesday from my husband, he had just flown back to Spain from UK, landed and 5 mins down the road had a serious accident in his car. He had come off the road and hit a palm tree and then rolled. How the heck he managed get out when upside down and then to walk away with just bruising and shaken nerves is beyond me. The strength of a VW even one that is 18 years old is what has made me buy them for the last 15 years. Not that I want to test one in an accident but I would always prefer to be in one if I was.
The car is a a write off but, I still have my Davey!!! Slow down everyone please!

Poor little car :(

Saturday 4th February is World Cancer Day. Here in Mojacar A fundraising event is happening on the playa near the Indalo Apartments organised by AECC (the Spanish Cancer Society). Starting at 12.30 and  continuing until everyone leaves!!! There will be stalls, giant paella @ 2pm 1 euro a portion, and a buy a meter of ribbon fund raiser to decorate the playa with ribbon. I hope there is great turn out.

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